Fandom Pay MotoGP™


Global payments.

Although Fandom Pay is only currently available to cardholders in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria, the card works all around the world at any place that accepts Mastercard payments. Limited restrictions on your prepaid card, such as pay at pump fuel and hire car insurance deposits, are clearly outlined in the terms and conditions. Payments can be made using chip and PIN technology and, once at least one chip and PIN payment has successfully completed, payments for £30 or less* can be completed using the contactless function.
*Contactless limits vary by country

Cash when you need it.

Fandom Pay cardholders can withdraw up to £300 per day using your card at ATMs as long as there are sufficient funds available on your card to cover the withdrawal amount and any outlined fees. All cash withdrawals will automatically show in the card section of your app to help keep track of your finances. It is important that you block your card immediately and yellow flag it to the Fandom Pay team if you notice any suspicious withdrawals that were not made by you. This will allow the team to put the withdrawal under investigation and deal with it through the correct reporting process.


Epic saves.

Your card is your MotoGP fan identity. It gives you access to cardholder discounts and rewards with our partners at their participating shops and trackside stands. Simply present your Fandom Pay card and use it to pay for your chosen item to automatically receive the saving or benefit. Full details of available #epicsaves can be found in the rewards section of the website and app. Offers are subject to change at any time and Fandom Pay team is continually sourcing new cardholder rewards.


Keep your finances on track.

Fandom Pay is a prepaid card, this means that it is not a credit product and it will only give you access to money that you load onto it. You have full control of when and how much to top up your Fandom Pay card with and the card works with the app to provide built-in analytics and spend categorisation. This means you can stay on track with how much you’re spending and where you’re spending it.